Penny Orr has been interested in photography and design for a long time. She has a special fondness for fine structure, having done some light and electron microscopy. Penny also has long been committed to environmental protection and has been on the Board of Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland for a number of years as well as serving as its President for three of them. In March 2012, she opened Perennials Preferred Inc., her plant nursery in Chesterland, Ohio, where she began photographing again with her beautiful flower subjects.

Gus Zimmerman also has a long interest in photography and has been taking pictures since his dad gave him his first Brownie box camera. He has a strong interest in nature and also in helping others. During the past 10+ years he has been sharpening his photographic skills studying with some of the top people in the industry. Last year, Peter Hurley, a top headshot photographer, named him a PH2 Pro Associate acknowledging his talent and proficiency. He enjoys working helping people with their careers and shooting pictures of flowers.

Penny and Gus can be contacted at Perennials Preferred, 7572 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, Ohio 44026 (phone 440 729 7885 or email at

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